Retail Fixtures

Retail design plays a crucial part of your store's success. Most shoppers are drawn to attractive and organized displays, so their first impression on the store layout is often the key the moment they walk into the store, and it could decide how much time they would stay and shop for your merchanise.  

Whether you are a small retailer in need of budget-wise custom store display solution, or a globally kown retail brand, one of the many challenges they all have is to keep the merchandise organized and attractively displayed while maximizing the space to increase the sales. We carry most common shop fittings and store fixtures that includes a variety of garment racks, slatwall hooks and brackets, gridwall and cessories, gondola shelving..etc, for our customer's selection.  

Rolling display rack is a easy and fast way to deliver different perspective of store layout when needed. A fresh look may delight the shoppers and help in exciting their willingness to buy.  

Our Japanese customer is satifised with this rolling rack we recently made for them. Contact us, let us provide you with the retail fixtures you need.